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The Numerous Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Experience the many benefits of meditation through the mindfulness classes conducted by Dr. Nancy Rubel of Mindful Moments in Cleveland, Ohio. She teaches clients how they can use mindfulness to live life with more clarity and awareness of the present moment.


Learn how to approach each moment with more alertness and friendly acceptance when you attend Nancy's meditation classes. Through mindfulness, the mind becomes less tense as the habit of judgment is released. More moments become calm and clear as you become more present and awake. Seeing things as they are allows you to detach yourself from automatically reacting to life, but rather respond with natural wisdom and compassion. Your mind relaxes, and your heart becomes more gentle, as ease transcends. Nancy supports the learning of this process by promoting a combination of reflection, discussion, and the regular practice of meditation.

Class Offerings

Dr. Rubel's classes are offered with the goal of helping clients develop a more mindful approach to life. Readings are suggested to foster this learning process. The classes are small, usually with eight participants, so that personalized attention can be given during and in between sessions. In addition to the Mindful Moments classes, Nancy also offers individual psychotherapy sessions in the form of counseling grounded in the mindfulness philosophy. Information about all her class offerings are available upon request, and include:

• One-on-One Mindfulness Meditation Instruction • Year round classes • On-Site Classes and Workshops for Organizations
Contact Dr. Rubel in Cleveland, Ohio, to enjoy the benefits of meditation through mindfulness classes.